Standing in the center

I feel that I’m standing right now in the midst of overlapping circles, as if at the center of a Venn diagram.  The circles are paths, traditions, influences, resources, interests.  Thelema, the New Hermetics, the Golden Dawn, Feri, witchcraft, Druidry, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, paganism, Anglican Christianity–they all overlap and touch and jostle.  And what links them is me: my perspective; my agency.

And who am I?  I am a magician.  I have taken responsibility for my own life.  I have affirmed my own agency.  I have trained and continue to train in ways to change the world by changing myself.  The root of the words “magician” and “magic” means power, ability, and is also at the root of “might” and “may”; I have the might to act, and I may do as I will.  And I have vowed to use that ability to perfect myself so that I may help others to do the same, as effectively as possible; that vow is at the root of Mahayana Buddhism and in the neophyte’s affirmation in Western ritual magic, “I seek to know in order to serve”.

The Lotus of the East and the Rose of the West grow out of the same soil and reach to the same sun.  Dharma is Dharma; truth is truth.  Today’s Tarot card is The Aeon of the Thoth Deck, Trump XX, the beginning of a new age.  Welcome to this blog.


About padmarosa

K.S. Zangmo is the Dharma name of a writer, singer, library worker, Adept of the New Hermetics, practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, keeper of two cockatiels, wife, and stepmother, all of whom are the same person.
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