The new moon report from StarIQ

New Moon in Scorpio
Monday, November 16, 11:15 am PST, 2:15 pm EST

The narrow focus of the Scorpio New Moon is broadened by two aspects with transformational outer planets. A potent square from dreamy Neptune forces imagination and faith into the survivalist world of this resource sensitive sign. Originality and inventiveness come with a supportive trine from Uranus that turns our minds toward undiscovered possibilities and away from fearful clinging to the past. We can scatter our creative seeds over wider territory and discover fresh options for relationships because of the multiplicity of opportunities spawned by this dynamic lunation. Remember to recycle objects, individuals and ideas that can regain their utility in new and different ways.

Sun in Sagittarius
Saturday, November 21, 8:23 pm PST, 11:23 pm EST

The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius turns attention toward the holidays with the optimism for which this outgoing sign is known. Lifting our eyes up from the details of daily life will reveal wider horizons of hope and adventure. While there are risks of exaggeration or overselling in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, potential errors of judgment may be a small price to pay for boosting morale in these challenging times. This sign teaches us to look beyond the limits of the moment and to sketch pictures of a brighter future in the sky. Our chances of fulfilling those dreams, however, depend on keeping at least one foot solidly on the ground of reality. Stretching ourselves in this way ensures that the necessities of the present are attended to without allowing them to block the windows of opportunity that offer so much promise for tomorrow.

Uranus Direct
Tuesday, December 1

Eccentric and inventive Uranus shifts into forward gear after moving backwards (retrograde) in early July. The direct turn of any planet releases its energy, making it more available for external expression. Uranian urges for freedom that have bubbled below the surface may begin to emerge in obvious forms in the days and weeks ahead. Brilliant ideas and radical moves smothered by doubt or pushed aside by more pressing needs will begin to flow more freely. Rebellious tendencies may become more evident as impulse control diminishes and the desire for independence grows.

Venus in Sagittarius
Tuesday, December 1, 2:04 pm PST, 5:04 pm EST

The planet of love’s move into mobile Sagittarius produces feelings of restlessness in the pursuit of pleasure. New experiences and people are especially appealing now, making it more difficult to stay content within a current relationship. Couples need to explore fresh territory to bring some spice into their partnerships while singles should be ready to take risks to increase their chances for connecting with someone. Attraction to people of different backgrounds and foreign cultures make travel more appealing. Still, while looking beyond familiar experiences to find fulfillment, it’s important not to become so enamored with the chase that we fail to appreciate the sweet things that are already present in our lives.

Full Moon in Gemini
Tuesday, December 1, 11:31 pm PST
Wednesday, December 2, 2:31 am EST

The Full Moon in Gemini is often a jittery time as nervous systems are stretched with an overdose of input. It’s common to become scattered and unfocused amid the myriad of activities that fill life to the brim. The Gemini Moon’s opposition to the Sagittarius Sun puts everything on the table for discussion. Yet we may discover that endless debate and dialogue can be exhausting. Fortunately, pragmatic Saturn’s trine to the Full Moon keeps the clock of responsibility ticking, which should help the gabbiest among us from talking and talking and never turning words into action.

Mercury in Capricorn
Saturday, December 5, 9:26 am PST, 12:26 pm EST

If our minds have traveled off into the clouds, the entry of Mercury in Capricorn should bring our thinking back down to earth. The information planet’s presence in this productive sign is not interested in gossip, random theories or ill-defined ideas. Intellectual organization and a more orderly approach to life’s details should improve efficiency. However, Capricorn’s strong sense of authority reduces our willingness to listen, make compromises and meet others halfway.

The New Moon in Scorpio revitalizes what can often feel like a hopeless situation. That’s because this sign begins by squeezing out excess and eliminating nonessentials. This purging process clears out the debris of outmoded concepts and behaviors, sometimes with a brutal finality that can be painful. However, this lunation is a time to prune the tree of life of its dead limbs, freeing up an enormous well of creativity to breathe fresh life into existing enterprises or make way for new growth.

Have a great month!


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K.S. Zangmo is the Dharma name of a writer, singer, library worker, Adept of the New Hermetics, practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, keeper of two cockatiels, wife, and stepmother, all of whom are the same person.
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