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If we are still wondering how to awaken, I suggest that we meditate now and then and focus on the following question: “What is holding me back from realizing my true nature, my Buddha Nature?” This is a very powerful inquiry. I am sharing this based on my own meditation practice. This is one of my favorite meditations because it always takes me to the place where I cannot blame anybody or anything for my lack of awakening.

–from No Self, No Problem by Anam Thubten, courtesy of the Snow Lion Dharma Quote mailing list


About padmarosa

K.S. Zangmo is the Dharma name of a writer, singer, library worker, Adept of the New Hermetics, practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, keeper of two cockatiels, wife, and stepmother, all of whom are the same person.
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2 Responses to Thoughtful quote for the day

  1. contoveros says:

    I am the only thing that is holding me back from my true Buddha nature.

    Now, how the hell do I get rid of the “I?”

    And would the “me” be easier to work Buddha into the mix?

    michael j

    • padmarosa says:

      I’m afraid the answer to your question is… all of Buddhism. As I understand it, Buddhism is a set of tools for dismantling identification with the “I”, the limited ego, and replacing it with identification with the Buddha nature.

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