Small pleasures, large pay-offs

A mug of strong black tea with plenty of milk and sweetener.

The sound of a cockatiel grinding its beak, a sound of peace and contentment.

The sweet-salty scent of a cockatiel’s feathers, rather like white corn chips.

Spotting a cardinal in a tree.

Good creamy yogurt.

Hot baths with scented salts.

The first time I play the soundtrack of A Charlie Brown Christmas in December.

An afternoon nap.

A glass of good red wine.

Simple, uncomplicated sense pleasures are the food of the soul.


About padmarosa

K.S. Zangmo is the Dharma name of a writer, singer, library worker, Adept of the New Hermetics, practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, keeper of two cockatiels, wife, and stepmother, all of whom are the same person.
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