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Outstanding books of 2009

Every year, starting about five years ago, I compile a list of books I read.  I include both new books and re-reading, novels, collections of short stories, graphic novels, collections of poetry, and what you might call meditation books, things … Continue reading

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Random yet perhaps inspired

The great weakness of That Hideous Strength is that Lewis didn’t know, or didn’t admit, who the real enemies were.  He portrayed cosmic evil working through cold-hearted scientists and sexual perverts (as he saw lesbians); if he were writing today, … Continue reading

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Fanfiction for the New Testament

One of my not so secret vices is that I read and write fanfiction–stories inspired by existing media, such as books, films, or (most often) television shows, and shared among friends or online for pleasure, not for profit.  (What fandoms … Continue reading

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