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Poem for the Solstice

I spotted this at 108ZenBooks, remembered it from the lovely book Earth Prayers, and thought it was perfect for the day.  Nanao Sakaki, who died a year ago today, is the poet: Within a circle of one meter You sit, pray … Continue reading

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Drops of dew and flakes of snow

A little while ago I read Morning Prayer at my desk by the window, looking out into the bare branches of the Bradford pear tree and the snow falling on snow.  It looked like Narnia as Lucy found it, and … Continue reading

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Maybe you need to hear this, too

In the Uttaratantra by Maitreya, it is said that our recognizing our buddha potential is like a man living in poverty discovering that buried beneath his home is a priceless treasure. It is like discovering a jewel buried in the mud. … Continue reading

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Thoughtful quote for the day

If we are still wondering how to awaken, I suggest that we meditate now and then and focus on the following question: “What is holding me back from realizing my true nature, my Buddha Nature?” This is a very powerful … Continue reading

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