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Hail the goer

Recently I was looking at the website of a prominent Pagan teacher.  The biographical information included, of course, how many years this teacher had studied in their tradition, along with what other spiritual systems they had studied.   Said teacher is … Continue reading

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Exactly what it says on the tin

I no longer call myself a druid, but I feel more druidic than ever as I absorb the morning sunlight on my walk to work.  I have finally realized how much my well-being depends on exposure to the light. I … Continue reading

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To be a magician is to take responsibility for one’s own life, completely. As soon as one accepts that responsibility and ceases to blame others, one becomes a magician.  Whether one practices any particular system of magic is irrelevant.  The … Continue reading

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Standing in the center

I feel that I’m standing right now in the midst of overlapping circles, as if at the center of a Venn diagram.  The circles are paths, traditions, influences, resources, interests.  Thelema, the New Hermetics, the Golden Dawn, Feri, witchcraft, Druidry, … Continue reading

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