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Hail the goer

Recently I was looking at the website of a prominent Pagan teacher.  The biographical information included, of course, how many years this teacher had studied in their tradition, along with what other spiritual systems they had studied.   Said teacher is … Continue reading

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All Buddha, all the time

It was in late January that I finally started meditating seriously.  I took refuge as a Buddhist almost two years ago, and it’s taken me this long to get down to a consistent daily practice.  By “meditation” I mean what Zen … Continue reading

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Exactly what it says on the tin

I no longer call myself a druid, but I feel more druidic than ever as I absorb the morning sunlight on my walk to work.  I have finally realized how much my well-being depends on exposure to the light. I … Continue reading

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I invite you to participate…

… in a magical working for the Winter Solstice. This effort comes from writer and mage Jason Augustus Newcomb, author of The New Hermetics and 21st Century Mage.  I have studied and worked with Jason for five years and owe … Continue reading

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Drops of dew and flakes of snow

A little while ago I read Morning Prayer at my desk by the window, looking out into the bare branches of the Bradford pear tree and the snow falling on snow.  It looked like Narnia as Lucy found it, and … Continue reading

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Usually around this time of year, I would post in my old blog what amounted to a rant about how it is not Yule or Christmas or Alban Arth(u)an yet, it is a time of darkness and silence, of introspection … Continue reading

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The four powers of the magician

A brief commentary thereupon: To Know Know what you are doing.  Read the instructions and pay attention to the fine print.  Practice your rites and rituals.  Think before you spell. Read about magic and the occult.  Familiarize yourself with different … Continue reading

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