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Hail the goer

Recently I was looking at the website of a prominent Pagan teacher.  The biographical information included, of course, how many years this teacher had studied in their tradition, along with what other spiritual systems they had studied.   Said teacher is … Continue reading

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Outstanding books of 2009

Every year, starting about five years ago, I compile a list of books I read.  I include both new books and re-reading, novels, collections of short stories, graphic novels, collections of poetry, and what you might call meditation books, things … Continue reading

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I invite you to participate…

… in a magical working for the Winter Solstice. This effort comes from writer and mage Jason Augustus Newcomb, author of The New Hermetics and 21st Century Mage.  I have studied and worked with Jason for five years and owe … Continue reading

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The four powers of the magician

A brief commentary thereupon: To Know Know what you are doing.  Read the instructions and pay attention to the fine print.  Practice your rites and rituals.  Think before you spell. Read about magic and the occult.  Familiarize yourself with different … Continue reading

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A useful quote

This mystery and the pathway to it [are] revealed every day at the Christian Eucharist, chanted every second by nuns and monks with the Mani Mantra and rehearsed continually by G[olden] D[awn] magicians in the Qabalistic Cross. –from Peregrin at … Continue reading

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To be a magician is to take responsibility for one’s own life, completely. As soon as one accepts that responsibility and ceases to blame others, one becomes a magician.  Whether one practices any particular system of magic is irrelevant.  The … Continue reading

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